Jamf continues to revolutionize the way learning experiences are created to educate customers. By harnessing the power of Assima, Jamf has managed to cut down content creation time by an impressive 50% - but the benefits don't stop there. The learning experiences crafted using Assima are not only produced faster but are also distinctly more realistic. This lifelike approach to learning resonates with users, ensuring better engagement and comprehension.

Evidence of Jamf's success isn't only anecdotal. For starters, there has been a notable enhancement in terms of learning—transitioning away from a passive to an active style of customer engagement. So much so that users are able to apply knowledge more efficiently and effectively. Additionally, customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) have witnessed an upswing too. From a financial perspective, Jamf's approach has led to a significant reduction in hosting costs and staff production time compared to previous solutions. The impact of these advancements on their learning experiences and customers is widespread. With the help of Assima, the Jamf Customer Education team continues to train over 72,500+ organizations to manage and secure Apple devices in an effective, efficient, and lifelike approach. Methodology based on neuroscience.